Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Smart Bro Prepaid: Internet for the Masses?

Smart Bro

Here's another small step to help bridge the digital divide: an inexpensive way to access the internet via 3G/EDGE/GPRS through Smart Bro Prepaid. Under this scheme, a user gets a wireless modem (actually a "phoneless cellphone") for Php 4,500 (a little over US$100) and "load" it up with prepaid credits. Actual connection charge is at Php10 per 30 minutes of contiuous access -- translating to a little over a dollar for one hour's worth of internet connectivity.

Since this device is dependent on cellular phone signals, users' mileage may vary but for those who does not have a wired dsl connection at home, this may be a viable option considering that there is no monthly dues to pay. The added bonus is that users can use this anywhere there is a SMART signal.
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Anonymous said...

I think you meant half a dollar for an hour of Internet connectivity. :)

Anonymous said...

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