Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bullet-point Review: LG KU380 + uMobile

  • When Globe subscribers receive uMobile calls, they can't see who is calling... unless the calling party is already in the Globe subscriber's phonebook.
  • Globe subscribers who receive text messages (SMS) from a uMobile subscriber has a hard time replying.
  • Free calls from uMobile includes calls to PLDT landlines (until May 31, 2008).
  • uMobile SIM cards are apparently not compatible with the Apple iPhone (bummer!).
  • The LG KU 380 is a solid basic 3G handset with just enough features for the casual user -- making it ideal as a "second phone".
  • Users may synchronize MS Outlook data to the LG KU 380 using the bundled "LG PC Suite".
  • Using the internet connection facility of the LG PC Suite, one can access the internet at a relatively high speed -- I personally hit at least 400+ kbps download speed when I tested it.
  • Bluetooth connectivity between Windows XP and the LG KU 380 works flawlessly.
  • Internet connectivity using bluetooth works very well using the internet connection program of LG PC Suite.
Update 2:
  • A comment on my previous post points out the obvious: each ad that a uMobile user receives will earn that subscriber Php 0.50. My take on this? Php 0.50 per ad received is better than Php 0.00 earned each time an SMS SPAM is received in the unholy hours of the night.
Even more later...


Anonymous said...

sorry kung makapal ang mukha ko but do you have any umobile invites to give away? can you please share one to me? (only if its fine with you) salamat!

benjie said...

i heard that Globe and Sun is delaying umobile's interconnection thats why umobile find a way to let umobile subscribers call Globe and Sun.

So ngayon, Globe and Sun and walang interconnection with umobile! Galing!

Go umobile!

Silverlokk said...

I've entered my umobile number into the address book of my Globe's phone. Still didn't get user ID.