Thursday, June 05, 2008

AirborneAccess + Smart Gold Bundle Promo

If you are in the Philippines and is a subscriber of Smart Gold, then here's some good news:

Get unlimited monthly Wi-Fi access at Airborne Access hotspots with your Smart Gold and Addict post-paid subscription!

Starting June 3, 2008; all SMART Gold and Addict subscribers who still wish to avail of the Unlimited WiFi Connections through Airborne Access may register for the promo with the following offerings:

1. P99.00 Monthly Service Fee (VAT inclusive)
2. Unlimited WiFi access in all Airborne Access Hotspots
3. Monthly Service Fee discount from P199.00 to P99.00 monthly for existing pre-registered subscribers.


1. Subscribers should text REG to 9434 using the Smart Gold/Addict account to be registered in the WiFi promo

2. The password shall be sent to the SMART Gold /Addict MIN/mobile phone of the subscriber within 2 hours upon successful registration.

3. Subscribers will receive an error message for unsuccessful registrations.

4. Within a Hotspot area, the subscriber should access the SMART Gold Airborne Access log-in page where the username and password should be entered. The mobile number is the default username.

5. The log-in page shall display the Terms and Conditions for the service for his/her acceptance. If accepted, the subscriber is allowed to access the internet.

More details at the AirborneAccess website

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