Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Case for (or against) a MobileME Subscription

What I have *not* bought since I converted was a .Mac account. Back when I switched, high-speed internet connectivity was quite expensive and having a .Mac account with a dial-up connection to the ‘net seems preposterous to me. As years went on, I sort of forgotten about .Mac and went on with my life… until today. MobileMe was officially announced by his royal Jobness and it made me take a second look at the service formerly known as .Mac.

  • At $99 a year, a .Mac (or MobileMe subscriber) will get:
  • My own personal email address
  • Push email
  • Mail, Contacts and Calendar synchronization
  • Online picture gallery
  • A personal/family web host
  • Secure online file backup

I already have most of what I enumerated above:
  • My own personal email address is provided for free by GMail
  • Push emal? Well, not actually “push” but I have an IMAP connection with GMail for free.
  • Calendar synchronization is now possible using a free iPhone app called Nemusync.
  • Do I really need an online picture gallery? But if I do, I can use my free picasaweb account for it.
  • I also have a blogger account (and a few other free accounts on other providers) for hosting stuff I want published online.
  • My file backups are being taken cared of by my trusty flashdrives, DVD-R’s and external hard drive.

Hmmm… When I started to write this post, I almost convinced myself to get a MobileMe account but now that I thought about it, maybe I’ll pass… FOR NOW.


Winston said...

As you have said Bernie, you have everything you need provided separately from different providers (for FREE). The point of having the MobileMe account is the integration of all those services into one service provider in addition to live push updates for your mail, calendar and address book. If having free services provided by separate providers work for you, then you don't need a MobileMe subscription -- unless you want integration.

Anonymous said...

The main issue is the lack of support for sending e-mails from the web interface from addresses other than me.com - that's a real dealbreaker for me!