Wednesday, August 06, 2008

iPhone 3G Plans -- The Official Philippine Rates

Well, it took long enough but it came anyway... the eagerly awaited iPhone 3G will be available in a few week's time and the verdict is out: Local Apple enthusiasts have mixed reaction to the news. Some breathed a sigh of relief because they can no get their grubby little hands on a legitimate iPhone 3G, some are ranting to high heavens, dismayed at the cost of owning one. As for me, I think I'll hold on to my 1st-get iPhone for at least one year more simply because it still works and I feel that despite its lack of GPS and 3G, it is still quite a capable piece if technology.

Globe's iPhone plans, the lowest is Php 1,599/mo + 16,800 for the Gb unit and the highest plan is Php 4,999 with a free 8Gb unit, may seem a bit expensive considering that the iPhone can also be had for 41,889(8Gb) or 48,899 (16Gb). A quick calculation will show that it might be cheaper to get the unit outright than be locked in to the telco for 2-years and paying more over the period of the lock-in.

I'm sure that a lot of people will "bite" into this despite the price because, let's face it, the iPhone is one cool gadget.

Disclaimer: I am not selling the iPhone 3g not any of the gadgets I write about in this blog. An ignorant f@cktard (you know who you are) has been spamming this blog claiming that I am making money selling stuff here. FYI, the adsense check I received from ads in my blogs is not nearly enough to pay for a week's worth of gasoline -- which means I can definitely live without it and not receiving any checks from adsense will not make me a pauper nor will it drive me to send out SPAM to make "extra money". So there!
In the vernacular: hindi ako itinitinda ang mga bagay na isinusulat ko dito, BOBO!

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