Friday, June 30, 2006

Mouthwatering Pre-Owned Apple Sale

If you dig deep enough through the archives of this blog, you'll find out that sometime ago, I was able to get a pre-owned (read: second hand) Tangerine Clamshell iBook for the price of 10,000 pesos (more or less $180) which I eventually turned into a dual-boot system capable of running *both* OS X and Ubuntu Linux. I got that classic piece of computer history at a store called Ynzal and I knew of the sale because of their website.

Well, Ynzal is at it again! Because of the recent release of the Intel-based Mac, there's a lot of good pre-owned Apple portables in their website's pre-owned page. As of today (June 30, 2006), there are some really good deal there like the following:

PBook 12 " G4/867MHz/640MB/80GB/SuperDrive/APX/BT Aluminum....P46,980
PBook 12" G4/1.5GHz/512MB/80GB/SuperDrive/APX/BT Aluminum....P59,980

PBook 15" G4/1.25GHz/512MB/80GB/SuperDrive/APX/BT Aluminum....P59,980
PBook 15" G4/1.3GHz/768MB/60GB/SuperDrive/APX/BT Aluminum....P64,980

PBook 17" G4/1GHz/512MB/60GB/SuperDrive/APX/BT Aluminum....P64,980
PBook 17" G4/1.67GHz/1.5GB/100GB/SuperDrive/APX/BT Aluminum....P99,980

Now people may ask what they would do with a "dying" line of laptops.  Well, support for the non-Intel Apples will not abruptly stop and these machines still have a lot of good years ahead of them.  Apple hardware generally have longer lifespan than their Windows/Intel counterpart -- in fact, my three-year-old iBook 800 still works really well compared to the laptops I maintain at my day job which rarely goes through a year without a need for a re-install/reconfiguration. Couple that with the fact that these are not as vulnerable to viruses, spyware, adware and Trojans, these Apple portables are indeed mouthwatering.  Another factor working for these portables are that all of them are already equipped with a SuperDrive (DVD/CD ROM and Burner), wi-fi and BlueTooth.

Disclaimer:  I am not, in any way, connected with Ynzal and I will not profit from any sales Ynzal may have with the sale of the above-mentioned hardware

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Senor Enrique said...

I'm at the stage now where I'm asking for a full refund for my lemon HP laptop. I was offered a brand new unit of the very same model. Told them if I accepted, it would have to come with a FREE optional 3-year warranty.

If I do get my money back, it would be a Mac for me.

My bargaining leverage is the Consumer Act's hidden defect clause.



pinoymaclover said...

Totally agree. I have an iMac G4 800 MHz (flat panel) that I purchased back in 2003. Still works great. And I've never had to send it to the shop for repairs. Not once. EVER. I love Macs! :)