Thursday, July 13, 2006

Emurse.Com: Godsend to Job Hunters

Yesterday, I discovered a site called Emurse and I must say I was hooked.  Nope, I'm not job-hunting(yet) but I find this site really handy.

improve your resume

Basically, you create a Resume/Bio-Data using emurse's Web 2.0 interface and once you're done with filling out the details about yourself, you can either publish it, print it, send or fax it.  A really simple site but once the user gets the hang of using it, I think it will be another entry on a lot bookmarks.

I created a very brief resume without much details and here's how it looks like when published.  "Published" resumes can be password protected (I intend to do that in a couple of day's time) so that only prospective employers can view your personal & professional details.

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