Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Burning Apples!

I've been resting my eyes in the last couple of days -- well, the tech talker needs to rest once in a while too so all these talk gears and gadgetry had to take a backseat so I can recharge a bit.

But I'm back for a back-to-back look at what people do with their gadgets.


There had been some reports that the Apple MacBook (not the Pro) runs hot due to its Core Duo processor.  It has been said that Intel opted for the Core architecture because they have reached the upper limit of the speed the Pentium processor can go.  So instead working their arse off looking for ways to break the 5GHz speed limit, they decided to put two processors (thus "Duo") in one processor die (the "Core").  The downside of this is that these Core Duo processors runs really hot!  How hot can it get?  Well, a future cook at a diner demostrated it by actually cooking an egg on the backside of his Black Apple MacBook.  I'm not sure if its hot enough but I sure would like to see some bacon sizzling beside that fried egg. (mmmmmm.... bacon!  *drools*)



On older Macs.  Everyone knows that all PowerPC-based Apple computers are basically obsolete (but not necessarily useless).  Well, here's something *not* recommended to be done to a still-capable piece of gadgetry -- laser etch (or *burn*) a Web 2.0 tag cloud on it!  I mean, what's the point of doing this?  Is it now considered an Objet d' Art?  Will it not fetch more in eBay if sold?  Will it match the speed bump the MacBook gained when Apple decided to use the Core Duo processors?

I guess we'll never know...

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