Thursday, July 06, 2006

Who Says Apple Macs are Expensive?

iMac in the Classroom

The picture above is directly stolen linked from the Apple's Education Webpage and it only goes to show that for around Php 50,000 (the price of a decent, branded desktop + flat screen monitor), you can get a spanking brand new Intel Core Duo-based iMac. So what's the deal here? At that price you get a sleek, sexy computer with the cost of the OS bundled with it. You also get the iLife suite for free -- at least another Php 30,000 worth of software if you want the same functionality on a PC.

What makes the iMac better than a comparably-powered PC? Its all-in-one construction -- the CPU and monitor comes in one single package. All you need is a desk space and that's all there is to it. No need for extra space for the CPU case.

What's the catch in this? This educational iMac doesn't come with an Apple Remote (but it can be bought locally for aroud Php 2,000.

Not a bad deal huh?

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verbosity said...

Don't you have to be an educational institution to get Macs at those prices, since it was featured on the education page?