Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Short NDS Lite Review

Yesterday, I finally got my Nintendo DS Lite (White) from Digital Walker in Park Square 1.  Since it did not come with any games, I also got a Super Mario Bros. 64 DS cartridge (but this will be a different review altogether).  Knowing that the lower screen of the NDS lite is a touch screen, I had a crew of Digital Walker install a screen protector to, well, protect the screen from the inevitable scratches it will get.

When I turned the unit on, I was amazed at the richness of the sound (in stereo) and the crispness of the graphics.  Initial setup was a breeze (typical Nintendo).  When I inserted my game cartridge and started playing with the Super Mario game, I knew I did the right thing in waiting for this.  Gameplay was smooth and the sound was almost like it was coming from a miniature "surround" speakers.  As I've said, the characters in the game leaps out from the screen and it makes the game all the more engaging.

Since this was a new unit, I had to charge it up.  One gripe I had with the unit I got (which BTW is the U.S. version) is the charger that came with it is 110 volts so I had to get a 220 volt charger which also has its share of problem -- it uses the standard Singapore socket which means I have to get an adaptor to plug it in to the local electrical outlets.

Back to the NDS lite.  It came in white (I don't have the patience to wait for those colored units though I wouldn't mind having a black one) which matches with my Apple iBook really well.  Its controls are quite responsive and has a good tactile feel.  It has built-in wi-fi and microphone but I have yet to get a game that takes advantage of those features.  It also comes with a spare stylus which will definitely come in handy should the one that comes with the unit itself gets lost -- a highly unlikely occurence because I'll be using my own pen-stylus which I also use with my Treo 650.

One reason why I opted to get an NDS lite is its backward compatibility with GameBoy Advance games.  I have my favorite GBA games which I still play (like "Zoids Legacy", "Final Fantasy I & II (Dawn of Souls)" and others).  Playing these already classic GBA games on the NDS lite is also a great experience.  The graphics and sound seems more alive than it was when played on the GBA.

All in all, the Php 8,500 I spent for this NDS lite is money well spent despite the additional Php 250 I have to shell out for the 220 volt charger.  I'm sure I'll be spending hours and hours of gaming fun with this little wonder.

(Personal:  Thanks to Bogs for the discount. (oh and Happy Birthday too!)  I hope I can get more discount when I get additional game cartridges.)

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