Friday, July 28, 2006

Zoho Suite: Promising But Not Ready For Primetime

I found a really promising Web 2.0 website that has integrated everything a professional may need to use in one nifty site called Zoho.  Zoho is a virtual MS Office (it has a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation program, and it even has some PIM functionality.  Apart from the office suite, it also have some utilities which included website monitoring.  All these are offered for free, though some service has a corresponding price for obvious commercial applications.

Zoho - Trademark

Impressed with what it can do in the demo, I tried signing up with their website monitoring service and I was rewarded with a "your email address is already registered" message and if I do try to log on, I simply can't!  Well, at least this time I get my money's worth -- I paid nothing, I get nothing...

I guess I'll just have to wait for the next thing to happen on the Web 2.0 front.

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Girish said...

Hi Berniej,

Sorry you could'nt create an account at Zoho.
Please send your email id to support

or to me girish at and I will have someone create an account for you.


Berniej said...

Hi Girish,

I sent and email to your account at to be sure, I also sent one at the zohowriter address. Thanks for addressing my concern.


Yoge said...

Hi Berniej ,

We created an account for you.

Please continue using our Site24x7 service and get back to us with your suggestions.

(Site24x7 Team)

Berniej said...

Hi Yoge,

I'm currently testing site24x7 now. I'll post another blog entry on my experience with the site.

Thanks again dude!