Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dareway - 360 Transporter: Segway for Little Tykes

For the past couple of days, the cyberspace has been bombarded with information about the release of upgraded Segway Human Transporter.  Well and good!  They improved its already impressive design but one question remains -- apart from Geeks who hates walking, who else would use this piece of technological wizardry?

Dareway Boy

Enter the Dareway, an "upright electronic transporter" that works much like the Segway but designed specifically for kids 3 years and up.  I think the target market for the Dareway makes a lot more sense since kids gets bored easily when walking (though they does not necessarily get tired THAT easy) and using this would make long walks a bit bearable for their parents.

 Dareway - 360 Transporter - IN STOCK - SAME DAY DISPATCH

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