Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Google Analytics is Back!

After months of being in the "freezer", Google has now reopened Google Analytics to the public.  Go to and register if you want to see how traffic goes in and out of your website (or in my case this blog).

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While I'm writing this entry, I can see that 69.12% of hits in this blog are from "new visitors" while 30.88% are regular readers.  I also see that 8.29% of my visitors this week were from while a mere 5.99% comes to my site directly.  It Geo Map overlay shows that I do have some readers from the mainland USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia!  Interestingly, I see that five people from London reads this, and one reader from a place called "Stroke-on-Trent".

If you want to track readers of your blog, go on and register now (before Google changes their mind again).  :)

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