Friday, August 18, 2006

Elgato Eyetv hybrid: Definitely on my Mac Shopping List

One of my "projects" for next year is to be able to watch and record TV shows on my computer.  As a portable Mac user, one of the problems I face with this project is the availability (or non-availability) of 3rd party peripherals.

Enter Elgato Eye TV

This looks like the ideal setup for my project.  It is a Mac peripheral, it does not require tinkering with the innards of my Mac and it has bundled software that allows me to capture shows that I'd like to watch at a later time!  At US$ 150 (approximately Php 8000), the cost is not too heavy on my wallet!

its dongle-like form factor is another major plus since it won't be too bulky once installed.

So what exactly can I do with this Elgato Eye TV?

  • watch cable tv on the computer
  • console games using the computer
  • I can convert old VHS to digital allowing me to burn it to CD or DVD
  • record shows for later viewing
Well, I guess I convinced myself.  My only problem now is to find a place where I can buy these thingies....

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