Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Regain Some Privacy with Freenigma

One of the trade-offs of using public web-based email systems such as Hotmail, Yahoo!Mail and GMail is the lack of privacy on your communications.  Face it, they are 3rd party free providers of email service and as such, you can never be sure if the communications you do using those free services are safe from prying eyes.

Enter Freenigma.

Freenigma allows users of free web-based email systems to encrypt their messages using GnuPG (Gnu Privacy Guard) cryptographic algorithms.  It works with GMail, HotMail and Yahoo! Mail through a FireFox extension.  At this point in time, the service is still in beta and it only allows users to "invite" 10 buddies which means a Freenigma user can only exchange encrypted emails with 10 friends.

Installation is a painless process because in order to use Freenigma, all one has to do is to download/install the Freenigma Firefox extension after registering.  Once properly installed, the Freenigma logo will appear each time you compose an email using any of the three free web-based mails mentioned above

Now, who says privacy is dead?

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