Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Scoop: Microsoft Vista Prices Leaked!!!

Gizmodo has scooped the price of the upcoming Windows Vista from Canada and here's some details:


Full Version
•Vista Ultimate $450
•Vista Business $341
•Vista Home Premium $269
•Vista Home Basic $233
Upgrade Version
•Vista Ultimate Upgrade $269
•Vista Business Upgrade $224
•Vista Home Premium Upgrade $179
•Vista Home Basic Upgrade $116

Now, if these prices are indeed true, then the average computer user who does not have a need for the bells and whistles of the "Ultimate" version will have to shell out between Php12,000 to Php14,000 for the "privilege" of running Microsoft's flagship product.  For the geeks, they will need to start saving up because Vista Ultimate will set them back a tingling Php23,000.  Upgrading their existing license (if they are using licensed version of WinXP) will cost around half of the cost I've mentioned **but** will Microsoft Vista run efficiently on the machine where Windows XP is currently installed (short answer: no!)

The local Linux community should take advantage of the astronomical cost of Windows and work more in the promotion of the free alternative to the proprietary Microsoft products.  The typical Pinoy's love of things that are free should be more than enough reason for Open Source projects such as Linus to prosper locally and given that the upcoming Microsoft Vista will cost an arm and a leg definitely works for the local Open Source community.

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