Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Album Covers for iTunes 7 Coverflow

When the new line of iPods were released a few weeks ago, a new version of iTunes (iTunes 7) was also made available for download. One of the neat features of iTunes 7 is the integragtion of "Coverflow" -- a way to display the album art of the music being played on-screen.
iTunes Movies Screenshots
For those who do not have an album art for all the albums on the iTunes library, iTunes has the facility to find the album art but it requires an iTunes Music Store ID. Since most local Pinoys have no such ID, there is an alternative, go to and put in the required fields and it will show the album art you need!

I tried searching for Bamboo's "As the Music Plays" album art and it was able to get it! Coolness!

Thanks to PhilMUG's execute for the tip!

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