Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pepperpad 3: Linux's Answer to the UMPC?

The Pepperpad 3, an ultraportable tablet-type computer powered by Linux should give Microsoft's UMPC a run for its money. This is already on its 3rd generation and it should be able to overcome all the criticism it got when PC Magazine reviewed its first generation progenitor.

Marketed as a "media management center", the Pepperpad3 can surf the web wirelessly, play digital media (music, videos and even full movies) on-the-go, and serve as an ir-based universal remote control.

I just hope that there's a way to add programs to it because this device has a lot of potential if only additional applications can be added to it.

The pictures shown above are from crunchgear and the people from crunchgear should come up with a review in a couple of days time.

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