Monday, September 18, 2006

The Better Zune is Coming... Zune, I mean... Soon!

Mere days after being introduced and before its actual availability, our friendly neighborhood "knocker-off-er" has just released a Zune-like "MP4 Player"!

Now, why did I say that this is better than the real Zune? For starters, it supports MP3, WAV and unprotected WMA files. Then it supports Mac OS X without the need of a driver (which I think will not be the case with the real Zune). And I'm sure that this will be way cheaper than the real Zune.

This Zune knock-off is available at the Oriphe website but I think it only accomodate bulk orders.

Here are other pictures for your viewing pleasure:

This music player should be available at your neighborhood electronics flea market within a couple of week's time.

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