Monday, September 04, 2006

Nintendo DS: It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

Nintendo made waves when the DS was fist introduced in the market -- it was (and so far, still is) the only handheld console with two screen, one of which is a touch-screen. Its wi-fi capability was also a feature that gave the DS more "oooph". Its "Lite" variant further pushed the envelope with its brighter screen and better battery life. Soon afterwards, Nintendo released a browser to allow its users to surf the internet. Now, it looks like Nintendo is adding more "ooomph" to the DS line.


One of the possible upcoming accessory for the DS is a music player. This accessory is for the slot 2 of the device (the slot for GBA cartridges) and to play music, it requires an SD card which will give the Nintendo DS a capacity of up to 2GB which is approximately enough for 500 very high quality music files. The unit itself is said to have a standard headphone port.

Now, if only I can get my hands on my handheld now (its being replaced for having a stuck pixel). :(

Oh, and apparently, this thingie is also compatible with the Game Boy Advance units (GBA, GBA SP and GBA Micro).

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