Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Palm Treo 750v is Officially Out!

Palm has finally updated their GSM Treo and it looks so darn good!

The Treo 750v will be, as expected, running Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC Edition and will have a quadband GSM and tri-band UMTS tranceiver and it now has support for 3G networks. The camera remains at 1.3 megapixel and apart from its phone, BlueTooth is the only wireless capability built into it. One notable change is the absence of the ubiquitous stub antenna that has become the "trademark" of the Treo line since the Treo 600. According to Palm, the Treo 750v will support dial-up networking out of the box which means it can be used to access the internet in conjunction with a laptop using the cellular network (via GPRS or EDGE or 3G). Connecting it to a laptop can be done through Bluetooth or through the included USB cable.

Judging from the pictures found at the Palm Website, the speakers will be larger and there will be some changes in the keypad layout. Its bottom connector looks similar to that on the Treo 650. One obvious thing that's missing in this is support for wi-fi. However, since the Treo 750v is running Windows Mobile 5, wi-fi capabilities may just be a matter of putting in a wi-fi SDIO card on its slot.

Will I be flying off to the U.K. to get one of these tomorrow? Well, my Treo 650 is still working file and I promised myself that I'll stick to this for at least 18 months more. By that time, Palm would have released a Palm version of the Treo 750 -- the OS I prefer over Windows Mobile.

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