Monday, September 25, 2006

Treo 680 (Lowrider) is Definitely Coming

Rumored to be the low-cost alternative to the newly released Treo 700v, the Treo 680 (a.k.a. Lowrider) may be the low-end PDA/Phone Palm had been talking about in recent press releases.

Like its bigger brother the Treo 750v, the Treo 680 is rumored to have a 64MB RAM and no 3G capabilities but will instead just have EDGE connectivity. Now judging from the known network connectivity options, the Treo 680 will definitely come to the local shores because EDGE and 3G are both GSM technology -- compatible with local telcos.

Will I be rushing out to get one once the Lowrider (Treo 680) is released? Probably not... yet.

source: wm247, clieuk, gadgetsonthego, mobilewhack, engadget

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