Thursday, October 12, 2006

64 Gb Buslink USB 2.0 Flashdrive

Nope, its not a typo. All indications shows that CDW is indeed offering a 64 Gigabyte flashdrive. Apart from its enormous storage capacity, it should perform very much like any run-of-the-mill flashdrive. IT doesn't even look remotely remarkable, against except that it has such huge capacity.
Product Photo:  Zoom In
You can get this USB Flashdrive for the "reasonable" price of US$5,739.99 (around Php 287,000).


RONALD said...

Ang mahal pala! hehehe! Kapresyo na ng isang second hand car.

Galing ng blog mo,buti na lang nakarating ako dito, naa-update na ako sa mga latest gadgets and technologies.

God Bless!!

Steel said...

Wow it's even bigger than my current hard drive! But what if someone accidentally steps or sits on it?! =(