Friday, October 13, 2006

Treo 680: It's True... Oh baby it's indeed true!

Palm has just announced the Treo 680, a PalmOS-powered GSM phone that will come in four candy-licious colors!

This is the antenna-less model of the Treo that will come with oodles and oodles of bundled apps, the most notable of which are: Documents to Go Professional, Google Maps for Treo (which I hear really "rocks"), at least two blogging applications (Six Apart and a mobile version of TypePad). It also has a built-in voice memo application -- something that's been missing in the Treo 650 and other recent Palm PDAs.

I can fearlessly predict that the Treo 680 will be the "power tool" of choice of the mobile professionals in 2007.

And with the different colors to choose from, it will be a hit among the fashionable set too.

I think I like the white one -- it matches well with my current white iBook, my white NDS Lite and my future white MacBook.

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