Monday, October 09, 2006

DS Lite Too Expensive? Try the Neo Double Games Lite

Last weekend, I had a conversation with my brother who has been working in Shanghai, China for the past 10 or so years. He told me that he has found a lot of "unlicenced" Nintendo hardware floating around the market there.

This is probably one of the things he is talking about:

The abomination beside a genuine NDS Lite is called the Neo Double Games Lite. As seen on the picture, the Neo Double Games Lite looks a bit like the real NDS with a couple of major differences such as:

  • It has smaller screens
  • The screen itself is the "cartridge
  • Its lower screen doesn't even work, it is actually a spare "game".
  • To change game, you pop out the upper screen and swap it out with the lower screen.
But seriously, the only thing that made the Neo Double Games Lite is its outside resemblance with the NDS Lite when closed. Once opened and turned on, its just a very cheap knock-off that would probably be available in your neighborhood flea market this coming holidays.

Full review of this wonderful unit at

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