Monday, October 09, 2006

TV Messenger with Remote

Picture this: You are sitting on your favorite couch watching your favorite show where you finally see the climax, something you've been waiting for for months... then the phone rings, and it rings, and it rings some more.

You answer the phone only to discover that its a telemarketer trying to sell you a portable vacuun cleaner. You promptly got rid of the caller and when you go back to your couch, the TV is showing the credits... YOU MISSED THE BIG REVELATION IN THE CLIMAX!
TV Messenger
TV Messenger with Remote

Hopefully that scenario can be avoided if you get the TV Messenger with Remote. Its a gadget you put on your TV and if a call comes in on your phone, the TV Messenger will display the number of the calling party on-screen. No need to get up if the call is unimportant... and more importantly, you won't miss a thing that's showing on TV!

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