Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy 5th Birthday iPod!

Five years ago today (October 23), Apple released the most successful consumer electronic gadget to date -- the iPod.
Movies, TV shows, games, and music. Now playing on an iPod near you.
Since then, the iPod has gone through six iterations, and spawned the Mini, the Nano and the Shuffle. Once even touted as the modern-day equivalent of a Samurai's Katana sword, the iPod has become ubiquitous and has caused countless muggings in New York, London and other large cities. Dozens of music players were released as "iPod Killers", the latest of which is the Microsoft Zune, but not one of them made a dent on the iPod's market dominance.

The iPod started out as a plain old digital music player but the current generation of iPod can now play videos (TV Shows and Movies) and even play popular games. Will the iPod maintain its market dominance?

Happy Birthday iPod!

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