Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New iPods Shipped With Windows Virus/Trojan Too?

This report comes in hot in the heels of the reported virus-tainted McDonalds MP3 players that McDonalds Japan distributed.

An Apple Support Page says that less than 1% of iPods sold after September 12, 2006 were infected with RavMonE.exe Trojan. Apparently, the devices were infected at their manufacturer prior to delivery. That is the official statement of Apple.
Small Number of Video iPods Shipped With Windows Virus
A quick research on "RavMonE.exe" reveals, however, that the actual Trojan that *may* infect the users of the less than 1% of the iPods is called Troj/Bdoor-DIJ and RavMonE.exe is the file where Troj/Bdoor-DIJ attaches itself on the infected Windows system. Windows users with up-to-date anti-virus should be able to detect and delete this critter before it causes damage.

As expected this Trojan does not affect Apple/OS X users because... well.. I think I better stop here before another OS Wars starts.

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