Tuesday, November 07, 2006

NTP Sues Palm: Will This Be the Final Nail in the Coffin

Months ago, a company called NTP sued RIM, the maker of the hugely popular (at least in the U.S.) BlackBerry. The litigations took months but ended with RIM settled and paid NTP a whopping $612.5 Million (just around 30 Billion Pesos -- small change really).

Now NTP has set its sights on Palm. With Palm floundering with shrinking market share and problems with its next-generation PalmOS, could this be the start of Palm's death knell? Will NTP get another humongous settlement in the hundreds of millions dollars? Can Palm afford a humongous settlement in the hundreds of millions of dollars? Will my current Treo 650 be the last Palm device I ever own? Will Capt. Barbell save the day?
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So many questions and so little to go by. I for one am hoping that Palm can weather the storm.

And as for NTP, what about Microsoft? Aren't they doing those over-the-air email thingie too? Shouldn't they also sue them considering their much deeper pockets?


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