Thursday, December 07, 2006

Moto ROKR E6: Why the iPhone *WILL* be Released Next Year Reason # 382

Could an iTune-less Motorola ROKR E6 be one of them? motorola rokr e6 music pda phone
When Motorola's ROKR series was introduced, it came with Apple iTunes integration. Now, the newest and sleekest Moto ROKR doesn't have iTunes. Is it because they don't want to be in the way of the upcoming Apple iPhone release? hmmmm...

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Laibeus Lord said...

You're kidding me! ROKR E6 already? They still have to release ROKR E3!!

Gah, I will hold my money till ROKR E6 or so then. :/ Im still enjoying my ROKR E1 anyways.

That ROKR E6 is very awesome in looks, and it seems to be a PDA too, something I really need and found only in O2 but its too expensive for me.

I'll definitely wait for E6.

And regarding iTunes disappearing, last news I heard was that Apple and Motorola only partnered for ROKR E1 as a test-run.

Then they found out that iTunes-enabled phones are popular in Asia-Pacific, so they inked a new deal and Motorola started shipping iTunes-enabled phones of almost every Moto model popuar in our region.

E3 will not have iTunes too, unless they changed their plan. Glad iTunes is back to ROKR!!