Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Singelringen: One Ring to Tell Them All

If you are single and looking, then the Singelringen may be for you.
Image of Singelringen
The Singelringen not only advertises that you are single and available but it also comes with a web account where you can put all your details -- the address of which can be exchange with other single people on the "scene".

Costing $58.70 (around Php Php 3,000), the Singelringen will not only advertise that you are single but it will also shout out that you have enough disposable income to spend as well.

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DanielleUSA said...

Hey, it's cool to see all the interest in Singelringen in the Philippines. Over here, we like Singelringen too but in the USA and Canada we’re not much into “advertising” or “broadcasting” that we are single. Singelringen is a status ring. It says we’re single and we’re just fine. If we happen to meet “the one” that’s great but in the meantime we’re just enjoying life. At Singelringen.com or Scandihoovians.com