Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Vista Security: Back to the Old Drawing Board!

Don't look now but the much touted Microsoft Vista's most basic "security" is already cracked with weeks before its widespread release. InfoWorld reports that hackers already has worked around the licensing/activation stumbling block Microsoft has implemented on Vista.

This involves running a virtual activation server using a VMWare image, pointing a Vista installation to that virtual server and viola: free Vista installation! The VMWare image is an image of a Key Management Service that distributes Microsoft Vista for corporate installations. Using this Key Management Service image, an unscrupulous person can install any number of computers with a fully activated copy of Microsoft Vista without having to go through Microsoft's own activation routine.

Hmm... now I'm having second thoughts about the much touted "security" of Microsoft Vista -- if the simple activation/installation security can be worked around by skillful hackers, I shudder to think what additional security nightmares Microsoft would face once Vista is "officially" released.

Another reason why I'm glad I'm using a Mac.

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