Saturday, May 05, 2007

State of my PWiT

Well, although I have not been faithful in updating this blog, I have been busy as a bee these past few weeks. I also immersed myself in my first *major* project for one of the largest back in the country and I have been giving sporadic posts on the group blog Im involved with -- PWiT.

Anyway, here's some direct links to the posts I made for PWiT:

I sang praises for Ubuntu Linux's newest release: Feisty Fawn

I made a commentary on the so-called HD-DVD Revolt

Sort of reviewed the free online backup system for Mac (and Windows too)

Did a heads-up on the availability of WikipediaOnDVD

So there... I wasn't really offline these past few weeks. I am also composing a brand new, original post for this blog and here's a hint: It has something to do with one of my favorite subjects: Text SPAM.

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