Monday, May 21, 2007


One of the reasons why this blog has been neglected for a long time is that I've been transferred to a different division in the company I work with. From being a "lowly" tech support specialist, I am now an "Information Security Specialist".

But that new title *may* not last for long. Although I'm supposed to do "ethical hacking" for our clients, I got waylaid and has been assigned to do project management for, of all things, Windows SharePoint projects! WTF? I'm a self-confessed Apple user and I also advocate the use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) but now I'm asking myself, what the heck am I doing with the "evil empire's" product? I actually do presentations that extols the advantage of using Window SharePoint. I have, so far, implemented Windows SharePoint Services to around 4 departments of a large local bank and around 4 more are in the pipeline. A larger SharePoint implementation is also in the works (this time, it will involve a group of companies).

Well, I will not chronicle the frustrations I feel whenever I hit a brick wall caused by the software I "peddle" to my clients -- out of respect to it since it helps bring food to my family's table but I'll say this: after working with it the whole day, I "cleanse" myself by working on my Apple MacBook. Sometimes I do a "double-dose" of "cleansing" by using Ubuntu Linus within my MacBook (via Parallels).

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