Tuesday, June 26, 2007

iMate Ultimate: Pre-Empting the iPhone?

i-mate is to unveil the most advanced mobile phone ever seen in the Middle East in September at the annual GITEX show in Dubai - a device 30 times more powerful than Apple's new iPhone, CEO Jim Morrison has exclusively revealed to Arabian Business.

Ultimate "30 times more powerful" than iPhone, claims Morrison | Comms | News | ITP.net

Does a device's "powerful-ness" a guarantee its dominance, performance or even popularity?

Take the Nintendo Wii for example. In terms of sheer processing power and graphical capabilities, Sony PlayStation 3 leaves the Wii in the dust. Despite being more powerful, the Nintendo Wii outsells the Sony PS3. Users of both console admits that despite of having a less powerful processor and graphics engine, Nintendo Wii is more fun to play with.

I can't help but think that Jim Morrison (what a name!) is only riding on the current iPhone frenzy to bring attention to i-mate's "Ultimate" line.

The iPhone will be released in the U.S. in three days and I know that a lot of geeks are frothing in the mouth, waiting for it be be finally be available in the market. I personally know that local techies are also eagerly awaiting its Asia release. Can i-mate say the same about their "Ultimate" line?

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ronald said...

they still don't get it - more features don't translate to more sales ... the key is keeping it simple .. what's the use with all those advanced features when you cannot even remember how to access it? if it comes with a manual bigger than the device then be forewarned :-)