Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Midnight: Put Your Mac To Sleep

99.9% of Mac users I know do not turn their computers off. Instead, they allow their machines to "sleep" so that their system will hit the ground running at a flick of a mouse. But this type of "sleep" is more like a nap, the computer wakes up at the slightest movement of the mouse/trackad or keyboard.

Enter the widget called Midnight. Midnight can put the Mac on a hibernate mode where everything on-screen will be saved to a file and the system will be put to deep sleep. The only way to wake a system in hibernate mode is by pressing the power key.

I find this useful because I often put my MacBook to sleep but sometimes, I discover that an app continues to run in the background and I end up with a drained battery -- real hassle when a power outlet is not accessible. By letting my Mac hibernate, I'm sure that it will not consume as much power during its sleep.

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