Tuesday, June 19, 2007

PhilMUG's Monday Meet at TGIFridays

Last night was geek-out night at the newly opened TGIFridays at the Bonifacio High Street was invaded by members of the Philippine Macintosh Users Group (PhilMUG). Originally slated to take place at Mag:net, emergency renovations at the original venue forced the group to commandeer a long table at TGIFridays.Lots of stories, laughter, tips and tricks were shared that night. Pardon the blurry pictures, it was taken using the built-in camera of my Nokia E61i.This better-looking pic was "stolen" from Jayvee's blog because its the only one with my yummy pic (the one in the black shirt).This absolute final pic is from michaeljosh's (aka cyberprince at PhilMUG) flickr site.

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