Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why Use Multiple Browsers

In the PhilMUG meet last night, one of the topics I discussed with fellow geeks is the use of multiple browsers. I personally use more than one browser at a time. In my MacBook, I use Safari, FireFox and Camino. Most of the time the three browsers are open simultaneusly.So the question remains: Why use multiple browsers when one browser should be enough to serve the purpose of surfing the /net?

Online Banking: There are still banks out there that does not support open web standards. These online banking sites insists that their clients use Internet Explorer.

Blogging: IMHO, the best browser for bloggers is Flock. Its built-in blogging feature is a godsend -- making it easy to update blogs.

Cookies: There are sites where users does not want to be automatically logged on. In instances like these, its better to store cookies from this sites on non-default browsers.
I'm sure there are other reasons why some 'net surfers insist on using more than one browser. For me, my normal surfing browser is Safari -- I love its RSS aggregation feature. My blogging browser is FireFox because blogger and wordpress seems easier to use with it and my default browser is Camino.

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