Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bargain Nokla N95

A seller using the local online auction site Bishot is selling a genuine original Nokla N95 for only Php 10,000 (around $200). According to the auction page:

You are looking to buy a Brand New Nokla N95 phone, Not Nokia N95. NOT ALL NOKLA N95s ARE THE SAME!!! Some have a 1.3MP camera and some have a 2.0MP camera. Etc, etc. They are all different depending upon the supplier--many sellers here do not even know what specs their particular Nokla N95 has. I sell both genuine Nokia and non-branded phones, and there are reasons for buying each. I would like to briefly give the disadvantages and advantages of owning a Nokla instead of a Nokia. Nokla Nokia Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages Touch-screen No GPS Nokia quality Expensive $$$$ Dual sim Does not work in US Works in US No touch-screen Costs much less $$$ 5.0MP camera Only one sim Looks, feels, functions very similar to Nokia The Package includes: Nokla N95 phone-- USB Cable-- Stylus-- Headphones-- Charger-- Owner's Manual-- 2 x Batteries. You will receive EVERYTHING in the pictures, EXACTLY as it is shown. Be confident in knowing what you will get!
I wonder if there is someone who will actually buy this phone?

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Ary said...

Talking about piracy..tsk tsk

Cyberpunk said...

nokla?! hahaha...the name has a certain funny ring to it :D

Anonymous said...

its not a good phone i just bought the phone from 1 week and now its not working its a bad quality of phones :( NOKiA is the best NoKLA is BAD

Anonymous said...

i gez nokla is gud so far coz i hve a fren hu bought dis certain nokla n its still working she bought it last year i think dec.