Monday, July 02, 2007

Die SMS SPAM, Die (Part Deux)

It looks like the SMS SPAMmers are working overtime! I just received another SMS SPAM from someone I don't know and it goes like this:

From: +639155996355

Message: Gud day, dis is MAE ANN,accredited loans agent, wud u b Nterested in a No Colateral cash loan, frm 10k to 1M, @ .98%-1%-1.39-1.7% interest/mo., if yes, jaz txt ur name & cntact# or simply txtbk or col @ 4195415/4196620; luk 4 Mae ann.if n0, dsregard dis msg,0r sve dis msg 4 future rferences. Thnx & GODBLESS

This "offer" came from a person I don't know and I REALLY hate SPAM in any shape or form. This is plain and simple invasion of privacy. I wonder if the NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) has jurisdiction over these types of "guerilla marketing"?

Tip to SMS SPAMmers, please have the decency to use proper spelling. How can a potential client trust you when you relay your message in TXTSpeak?

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