Monday, July 02, 2007

Truphone: Free Voice Calls and SMS to the US and Other Countries

Yup! Free, as in "free beer" -- at least until December 21, 2007.

Announcing the new Truphone release v3.0. Get Truphone.

Anyway, Truphone is a voip service that allows its users to do international calls through wi-fi or 3G. Its client software can be downloaded by texting an international number (a cost worth spending for, IMHO) and once the Truephone servers gets your request, it will send you the Truphone application. As an added "bonus" to the ability to do international calls, users are assigned a US-based phone number.

Truphone works mostly with Nokia handsets and here's a list of the supported phones so far:

  • Nokia e61i
  • Nokia e65
  • Nokia e90
  • Nokia e95
  • Nokia e60
  • Nokia e61
  • Nokia e70
  • Nokia n80ie
  • Nokia n80

According to their website, Truephone is also working on a software that will work with Windows Mobile-based phones.

Oh, and they have a special offer that gives you a $2 credit if you sign up now (whoa! did I just write that? I think I sounded like a telemarketer there...)

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