Friday, July 27, 2007

Have Hugged Your Systems Administrator Lately?

if you are working in a company that has an array of computers, servers, firewalls and other network appliances, I have news for you: all those equipment are being maintained, fixed and monitored by, most likely, a person who slaves away in the background making life smooth and easy for you.

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He gets the blame each time you get delayed emails, disconnected downloads and a host of other "network-related problems". Isn't it time to show your appreciation to your Systems Administrators?

Today is Systems Administrator Appreciation Day!

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Amadeo said...

Having been an "accidental" sysadmin for close to 5 years, I can well empathize with what were said.

Underappreciated and maybe underpaid, too.

Accidental sysadmin is when one is thrust into the position because someone had to do it, regardless of lack of academic background.

So one is "it" and learns "on the job".

Just the same one had to make sure the systems were working 24/7. And since job descriptions were typically hazy, included were workstation configuration and deployment, expertise of all software used including operating systems, maintaining legacy sub-systems interfaced with main system, etc. In short, everything electronic, including babysitting the big boss in connecting to his stockbroker, or troubleshooting his actor friend's laptop.

Berniej said...

Hey, that's the story of my professional life! Are you my doppelganger??? j/k