Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sony Folds and Releases iPod Accessories!

For the longest time now, Sony has been adamant at creating accessories for Apple's iPod, concentrating instead on their own Walkman line of portable music gear and accessories for it. But as of July 18, 2007, Sony stopped snubbing the iPod and releases a line of product for it.

This is the Sony ICF-C1iP, a clock radio/iPod dock.

And this is the Sony ZS-S2iP, their version of an iPod-powered boombox.

Knowing the audio quality of Sony-branded products, I'm sure buyers of these iPod-compatible products will not be disappointed.

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Aja said...

Me likey! :P

I just wish I had the money to buy them, though. I couldn't even get myself a new/better set of earphones. LOL

Ade said...

If only the Sony iPod products were not so unsexy.