Sunday, July 01, 2007

Toshiba Portege R500: Another Ultraportable Option

First came the Foleo, Palm's supposed next "Killer Device".  A lot of people called it the ?Fooleo" because they see it as an overpriced, underpowered laptop.

Then came the Via NanoBook, priced similarly as the Foleo but it didn't really hit the right "tone" among the laptop mavens... until Asus came out with the Asus Eee PC -- a more realistically priced ultraportable.

Then just this morning, I came upon this

It looks like Toshiba will be releasing a Portege R500 variant that will use the newfangled SSD (Solid State Drive), a "diskless" hard disk that consumes less power and has faster seek time.  I expect this to cost an arm and a leg but with this out the door, how long before other name brand computer manufacturer follows suit?  How long before Apple comes out with their own version of an ultraportable laptop that uses SSD technology?

We are indeed living in interesting times...

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