Friday, September 21, 2007

Touch or Eee? iPhone!!!!

In a few week's time, the iPod Touch will be available locally. At roughly the same time, the Asus Eee PC will also be released in the market.

iPod touch showing different screens



I'd love to have either of these gadgets but now I'm in a conundrum... will I get the iPod Touch or opt for the Eee? The iPod Touch will cost around 26K and the Eee is rumored to cost at around the same ballpark figure.

One of the things that is preventing me from entirely abandoning the Eee PC over the iPod Touch is useability. I want to run applications and so far, all attempts to "jailbreak" the iPod Touch proves to be in vain.

BREAKING NEWS: My good friend, the doodler of Mac-a-Doodle just called me and offered me an iPhone at a price I simply can't refuse. So there, its settled, I'm getting an iPhone!!!!!!!

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jan said...

do you write a lot when you are on the road? - go for the eee because of the full keyboard

do you have enought wifi hotpots available and don't mind carrying your mobile and another device with you - go for the ipod touch.

else get the iphone.

i might go for the eee because i write a lot.

Berniej said...

I do write a lot but I already have a 13" MacBook *and* a 12" iBook so that takes care of that.

As I've mentioned in my post, a friend offered me a really good deal on an iPhone so I'm going for it. I just hope that it's good enough to replace my current Nokia E61i. :)

jan said...

yes, i've seen that, just wanted to give a general decission finding help for the big problems of these days ;)

Berniej said...

Durn! The person who was supposed to buy the iPhone for us seems to have bailed. So I'm back to my original conundrum... iPod Touch or Eee PC.

I guess I'll see what happens in the next few weeks (while I still have some disposable funds) :)

Thanks for trying to help Jan!