Friday, October 19, 2007

Glorieta Makati Explosion Pics

Here's my story:

I usually park my car at Park Square 2 on Fridays because it is convenient for me to wait out my "coding" hours in the Mall.  After lunch, we received word that there's an explosion in Glorieta and as details poured in from various sources, I was aghast to learn that the explosion happened *literally* under my car!  So after office, I dashed to Park Square 2 and I'm relieved that my car is safe...

Anyway, I could't resist the temptation of getting some pics of the incident so here they are:

This was taken from the bridgeway connecting Park Square 2 and Peking Garden.  My car is parked right beside where I took this picture.

A closer look at the broken glass from the explosion.

Here's the view from the Ayala Walkway between Landmark and the bus station.

***Pictures taken using a Nokia E61i

Update: I was able to get my car out of Park Square 2 without any hitch at around 7pm.  At around that time, there were still a lot of policemen and soldiers around the area of the blast.  Security was tight around the area and traffic around the area was being diverted.  The bus station near the area was still full and there were a lot of people still waiting to go home.  Traffic from Makati to Sta. Rosa, Laguna was "lighter" than usual.  At the time of this update, the press conference regarding the incident is on ANC and the police officer who was on-screen confirmed that the blast was indeed caused by a "high explosive".

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Christian said...

This is really a big disaster! I've heard from the evening news that "the management of the Park Square 2 are not yet sure when car owners can claim their autos." But it looks like the news was wrong or was not updated.

Berniej said...

Christian: Apparently the news is not updated because I was able to take my car out of Park Square at around 7pm but I had to take a circuitous route out of the commercial center because there were a lot of police, guards and soldiers around and they cordoned off a large part of the area.

Gan said...

one of my students, who was on her way home was one of the victims. her ID was used to mis-identify a body but her own body was later found by her family in a funeral parlor at around 8pm already.