Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Drowning in SMS SPAM!

It looks like SMS Spammers are working overtime!

In the past few days, I have been receiving these unwanted messages and I wonder if there is anything a cellphone subscriber can do to stop it...

Here are some of the SMS SPAMs I have received so far:

From: +639162643641
CASHLOAN from BDO with an interest rate of as low as .98% per month (we also offer other loans.)
with an interest rate of 1% per month, lower interest for brandnew.. INTERESTED, u may kol our ofc nos.2122405,2973741,2973432,2971670,2980646,2980645 luk for MS. JINKY.. Thank you!
From: +639202890488
greetings! chinatrust loan offer prequalified client 2 loan 100K-1M @ lower interest 1.39%-1.49%, 4more dtails pls call Ela Relano 02-7503998, thank you po
From +639158874208
1/2 LAST RUN for 2008 of d seminar ALL ABOUT VAT July 15-17 Crowne Plaza 1-5pm. Everything u need t know abt VAT n how it affects ur business. Discover how to
From +639158874212
2/2 legally reduce ur VAT due. Pls call Leni of POWERMAX 687-9014/ 986-3630 / 710-7604 or visit

All the above messages were received by my cellphone within a span of one week! Some even came at the most inopportuned time (while driving, on a meeting, etc.). I have to consult some of my lawyer friends and ask them if there are any legal recourse to stop this recent avalance of unwanted TXT messages.

Oh, and it just struck me that these SMS SPAMMERS are getting crafty... the last two messages are part of a single marketing blurb but they came from two different numbers... a way to circumvent any blacklisting application that some cellphone/smartphone have... crafty in an evil kind of way..,

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