Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TiddlySpot: Taking your TiddlyWiki Online


A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about TiddlyWiki, "a reusable non-linear personal web notebook" created by Jeremy Ruston.  I was really impressed with the power and simplicity of TiddlyWiki that I actually made it a part of my "software arsenal".  TiddlyWiki is a single .html file that does what it says -- become a non-linear notebook or as I call it, my "digital Moleskine".  As the popularity of TiddlyWiki grew, programmers started to tweak it to fit their own purposes.  One of the most popular use of the TiddlyWiki today is to incorporate David Allen's "Getting Things Done" principles with the easy to use interface of TiddlyWiki. But I digress...

This post is about a new web service that hosts TiddlyWikis.  Its called TiddlySpot and as I've said, it offers free hosting for TiddlyWikis.  I am actually building a Wiki companion for this blog on that site.  Creating your own wiki has not become even easier with TiddlySpot since users can opt to use the original TiddlyWiki as written by Jeremy Ruston or they can use their existing TiddlyWiki variant by following the simple steps outlined on its F.A.Q.

The service is still in Beta so expect "beta" things to happen on the site.

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The Taorist said...

Cool. You got a tiddlyspot of your own as well.


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