Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rant: Irritating Globe Call-In Service (211)

I've been a loyal Globe subscriber for around 6 years now and I can safely say that I'm quite satisfied with their service.  Sometimes, I need to verify my bills and I call their hotline at 211 and I get my outstanding balance within a minute or two.  But recently, I tried checking my balance using that 211 facility and I was bombarded with ads regarding their HSDPA thingie which I am not interested in any way.  The spiel is quite irritating because I AM NOT AND WILL NOT BE INTERESTED with their overpriced data service -- all I need is to know my outstanding balance.

Just this morning, I tried accessing my balance and again I was bombarded with their ads.  What would normally be a less than one minute call was unnecessarily lengthened because of their IRRITATIMG advertisements.  The verification I do with my bill is to make sure that I am up-to-date with my payments but these things make me want to just abandon that practice and simply allow my account with them become delingquent -- would it be a valid excuse to say that my account became delinquent because of the irritating ads on their 211 service

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