Sunday, September 23, 2007

Globe Giveth, Globe Taketh Away


A couple of weeks ago, a lot of Globe Telecom prepaid subscribers collectively heaved a sigh of relief when a lot of them received a notice from Globe saying that they are receiving additional prepaid credits (locally known as "load") because of a "Rewards Promo". Of course, monthly subscribers took this news with a grain of salt -- and some degree of envy. Here's the reaction from a local cellphone enthusiast forum.

But a few days ago, the people who received the free prepaid credits received another notice from Globe saying that there has been a system error and that the amount credited to them will be revoked! So here's what the same people are saying now.

Hmmm... what a way to usher in their new logo huh?

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dave said...

That happened to my girlfriend. It was really frustrating to have received free load only to be taken away several days later, but on the good side, I inquired about a loyalty program for post-paid subscribers, and they do have one. Starting next month, I'll be receiving a monthly rebate of approximately P1K :)Of course, this is plan and usage dependent... :D